"Indigo has become a passion for Cathy. And watch out, her enthusiasm is contagious. she is simutaineously an expert and still a student herself and just loves sharing what she's learned from friends and students. She teaches the basics of shibori, resist dyeing and pole dyeing and then lets her students be as adventurous as they are ready to be- cheering them each step of the way as they explore new techniques or ideas together. The results are phenomenal! Before you know it, you might just get hooked, too."  M.H.

This workshop was great. Cathy does a great job describing the techniques and is so enthusiastic about the outcome. It was really cool to see how the fabric came out in the end. I love the fabrics I came home with.
— D.F.

"Fabulos class for all who love to experiment! Thanks Cathy for teaching me the art of indigo and its many surprises!! Amy C.

A workshop with Cathy is a wonderful creative retreat for yourself or with a group of friends. I had so much fun with my friends learning, laughing and sharing our beautiful “blue” fabrics at the end of the day!
— P.S.B.

"Class was awesome!! I really enjoyed learning from Cathy about the indigo dyeing process and seeing and trying lots of new designs and patterns." Alice P.

The class was fantastic! cathy did a great job covering several techniques, helping us understanding the foundations indigo dyeing, and tips for doing it at home. It was wonderful to go home with a finished product too<
— Patti W.

"Cathy is a consummate professional. Having graduated with a BFA in textiles from the Rhode Island School of Design, she has made a career of designing textiles and textile collections. Recently, she rediscovered her passion for Indigo dyeing which she has shared with some of her textile colleagues, including me. We have had a blast sharing dye baths, information about dyeing techniques and personal stories. Cathy has created a perfect format for a beginner workshop. She is a great teacher who not only knows what she is doing, but truly loves it as well. I heartliy encourage you to take her workshop and learn about the magic of Indigo!" L.G.

Thank you Cathy! I needed this. A day of creativity with like-minded people. It was easy, relaxing, and every project looked amazing! Just like Cathy said, there was no way to mess it up!
— Kerrie M.

What a beautiful, restful day to learn and play with indigo dyeing techniques. Cathy creates a fluid, supportive studio space to learn, ask questions try new ways to explore this process. Grateful to explore this on my day off." Sandra D.

This was my first dyeing workshop and Cathy made the information so accessible and fun! We were able to get right to work and get our hands wet, so to speak! I highly recommend this class.
— Jackie W.

Fantastic class! I really enjoyed experimenting with several techniques and am super excited to try dyeing at home. Laid back class made the learning experience stress free." Kelly D.

Indigo dyeing with Cathy at The Indigo Squirrel was a fantastic experience. It was my first time dyeing anything and Cathy was super patient and encouraging. Even as a total newbie, my napkins came out SO WELL! I can’t wait to try this on my own or with Cathy again in the future.
— Cait C.